Naturalia Organic Brown Rice Flour 750g

477,551 LBP

Brown rice has a nutty flavour. When used in baked goods, such as cakes and cookies, brown rice flour provides a grainy texture with a fine, dry crumb. Brown rice flour is gluten-free so it is a suitable substitution for wheat flour for people who cannot tolerate gluten in their diets because of a severe allergic reaction (celiac disease).

All types of rice flour are high in protein, but brown rice has a higher level of B vitamins, iron, and fibre than white rice flour because the bran is milled with the kernel (endosperm).

Naturalia brown rice flour is milled on a Tyrolean stone mill that grinds the grains very slowly, preventing the overheating of the flour.

This process ensures the flour retains its real flavour and nutritional value