The AloeLab No More Dryness Ultimate Moisture Aloe Coconut Oil 50ml

155,000 LBP

For Dry skin, the ultimate moisture Aloe Coconut oil is nature’s best remedy!

Fresh Aloe Vera leaves infused in pure extra virgin Coconut oil, plus a little extra virgin Olive oil from our organic Olive trees, a thick moisturizer made to ultimately moisture the dry skin, resulting in a nourished, hydrated and glowing skin all day long.

Apply it twice per day, in the morning apply a very thin layer, at night apply a thick layer two hours before sleep and rinse with warm water before sleep.

Also, it’s very effective when used for dry hair. We recommend using the Aloe Hair savior mask before the shower, then apply the Aloe coconut oil on the ends after the shower.

Suitable for dry skin & dry hair.

Keep in a dark, dry, and cool place. Shelf life: One year.

Size: 50 ml.