The AloeLab Hair Revital Aloe Hair Treatment Oil 100ml

583,673 LBP

The Hair-Revital, Aloe hair treatment oil is made of Nature’s best oils mix to revitalize dry and damaged hair.

It thickly moisturizes the scalp and hair, treats the dryness, smoothens the hair ends and gives you the shiny look.

How to use? Once per week, apply it directly from the roots to the ends, 1 to 2 hours before shower or overnight for a better result, Massage gently with smooth motions for 2 minutes, then shower and shampoo like your usual routine.

Using the Aloe hair-revital oil & Aloe hair-savior mask will make your hair shine like it never did before! And we double money-back guarantee the revitalizing results!

Ingredients: Almond oil – Extra virgin Coconut oil – Extra virgin Olive oil from organic Olive trees infused with fresh Aloe leaves – Grapeseed oil – Peppermint essential oil – Rosemary essential oil.

Keep in a dark, dry, and cool place.

Shelf life: One year.

Size: 100 ml.