Organic Produce Basket

68,000 LBP

Organic produce with a premium selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced straight from our certified partners.
Also includes free-range all natural eggs.
All for the price of 30,000 LBP, much cheaper than supermarket prices for a similar selection!

Better Life Market’s regular Organic Basket:
[Please note that the composition varies with the seasons and availability]

– Organic Cucumbers 1Kg
– Organic Tomatoes 1Kg
– Organic Sweet Pepper 0.75 Kg
– Organic Lettuce 1pc
– Organic Lemon 0.5Kg
– Organic Potatoes 1Kg
– Organic Parsley 1 bunch

– Organic Apricots 0.5Kg
– Organic Red Plums 0.5Kg

– Free range eggs 10 pcs

Out of stock

Out of stock