Nup Bamboo Toothbrushes Pack With Soft Bristles

120,000 LBP

Includes 4 bamboo toothbrushes. Designed to surpass your plastic disposable toothbrush in quality, design, and features. Uniquely designed after nature elements – Air, Earth, Water, Fire are carved on both the front and back of the handle. It’s the first Bamboo toothbrush to incorporate a replacement indicator to remind you when to replace your toothbrush.

  • Reduce Plastic Pollution– plastic bamboo toothbrushes take up to 300 years to break down to microplastics while bamboo takes a few months to decompose in a landfill.
  • Individually Designed– each toothbrush comes with a unique carved design on both sides. Tell instantly which one is yours. No more guesswork!
  • Month Replacement Indicator– mark the carved month you start using your toothbrush. Replace it every 3 months (as recommended by the American Dental Association).
  • Durable Handles– made from Moso Bamboo species that grow fast and are durable, they are usually used for furniture.
  • Soft Charcoal Bristles– activated charcoal bristles help keep your teeth white and healthy. They are thin enough to go to those hard to reach places and are very durable, the bristles won’t fall off after months of use.
  • Zero Plastic Packaging– packaged in recyclable kraft paper
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Out of stock