Naturalia Organic Chickpeas Flour 750g

359,770 LBP

Naturalia chickpeas flour is milled on a Tyrolean stone mill that grinds the grains very slowly, preventing the overheating of the flour. This process ensures the flour retains its real flavor and nutritional value.

Chickpea, like all legumes, is a naturally rich source of vegetable protein, several vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. In addition, it is low in fat, and like all plant foods does not contain cholesterol.

Chickpea flour is incorporated in your usual flour to accentuate the taste of your preparations. This flour can also be used to make donuts, pastries, unleavened bread, pancakes, and crepes, as well as certain dishes. Can also be used for thickening sauces, for preparing pasta, for frying, and for the preparation of terrines without eggs.

About Naturalia:

Naturalia brings out the best of nature into your plate, providing you with the finest that nature has to offer focusing on: Superfoods, organic vegetarian food, wholegrain cereals and more.