Little Melly SweetBeet Sticks – 12 Sticks

105,000 LBP

Toddlers Snacks Launching

Recently, we noticed a huge absence of Healthy Snacks for Toddlers in the Markets. Either healthy and not tasty or unhealthy and tasty to kids.

So, in addition to baby jars, our mission became to let the parents find healthy delicious snacks for their toddlers. Bridging the gap between healthy and tasty to sell products both parents and kids will love.

Why Little Melly

At Little Melly we are innovative – we make new products often – and different – we focus on the nutritional value of the items by including power ingredients in them like lentils, chickpeas, seeds and veggies.

Product Description

Shelf Life: 1 month (under test to attend 2 months)

Storage: Room Temperature

Group Age: 2 year+

Ingredients: Wholegrain Flour, Brown Sugar, Beetroot, Extra Virgin Olive Oil