Le Duc Des Oliviers Apple Jam 500g

18,000 LBP


“It all started one year ago , when i decided to share our exceptional oil with all the gourmets and olive oil lovers . It is the fruit of a clean treatment of the white soil in our naturally maintained lands in the Chouf mountains ; I also expended the production by diversifying the variety of the yummiest, healthiest local products like olive paste ( tapenade spread), sundried tomatoes marinated in olive oil, stuffed eggplants, chili paste, pickled beetroot, jalapeños, wild thyme mix, etc… All my products are handmade by a group of passionate women from the village, under my supervision to give you the best you can ever eat . Together we will work hard so that Le Duc’s olive oil and local products will reach every table soon. ???” Myrna

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