Kernel Lotion Florale Rose & Ginger 100ml


Alcohol-free toner, it’s an excellent cleanser that purifies the pores and refreshes the skin, leaving it clean and soft. Benefit from the antioxidant effect of pure Ginger and the purifying qualities of cucumber extract.

Ingredients: Rose water*(Damascus rose), Lavender water* (Lavandula angustifolia),, Ginger extract*(Zingiber officinalis), Cucumber extract*(Cucumis sativus), Grapefruit seed extract* (Citrus paradisi extract), Vegetable glycerin, Cotton flower extract*.

About Kernel:

Kernel is an organic skincare line formulated with 100% natural and fresh ingredients. Each bottle is enriched with organic, cold pressed carrier oils, infused with the finest essential oils and pure flower extracts. Kernel uses the best blends of rare vegetable oils and premium essential oils for topical serums.

When something is made by hand with expertise and passion, you can feel it. Each bottle of Kernel harnesses that connection and is infused with love.

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