Kernel Organic Deodarant Creme Fraicheur 20g

468,855 LBP

About :
Kernel Original Deodorant Cream is all natural and uniquely powerful. Infused with organic coconut oil, Arrowroot and pure essential oils, it absorbs moisture, discourages bacteria and ensures a long-lasting freshness without clogging the pores.

The frosting-like consistency allows for easy manual application and rapid absorption, and is ideal for all skin types (unisex).

Ingredients :
Extra Virgin Coconut oil* (Cocos nucifera – Sri Lanka), Castor oil*( Ricinus communis – Inde), Raw shea butter*( Butyrospermum parkii – Burkina Faso), Beeswax, Food-grade Baking soda, Food grade Arrowroot powder, Essential oils: Palmarosa*( Cymbopogon martinii – Inde), Lavender*( Lavandula angustifolia), Vitamin E.

How to use it :
Scoop a little with your finger and very gently apply to the entire underarm area until completely absorbed. Go about your day, odor-free!
If you typically experience increased skin sensitivity on days when you shave, we recommend waiting a few hours before applying the Deodorant.