J. Grove Traditional Goat Kishek 500g


A tangy mixture of bulgur wheat, fresh goat yogurt, and goat labneh, made the Southern Lebanese way. It is sun-dried, hand-rubbed, then ground into a powder bursting with flavour and texture.

Ingredients: Dried strained goat yogurt (pasteurized whole goat milk, starter cultures, coarse salt), bulgur (cracked wheat), coarse salt.

Origin: Lebanon

About J.Grove:

j.Grove (“Jezzine Grove”, or “بستان جزين”) works hand in hand with local farmers and producers to bring you honest, natural quality products from the Jezzine and Zahrani region, in Southern Lebanon.

Our products combine the farmers’ traditional expertise with state-of-the-art equipment. To give you a taste of the region’s heritage, and empower the local farming community.

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