J Grove Pure Forest Honey

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Flying over the Jezzine region?s oak forests, the honey bees collect honeydew from oak trees with some wild sage and thyme nectar, to produce a dark and bold Forest Honey.

Our raw Forest Honey is unpasteurized, unheated and bottled at room temperature. This allows us to retain its original vibrant flavors and delicate nutritional properties.

Honeydew from oak trees with some wild sage and thyme nectar across oak forests in the Jezzine region.
Pure forest honey.
Health Benefits:
With a lower glucose content, it?s loaded with amino acids and minerals like manganese, zinc, phosphorus, to?naturally boost energy and help improve brain function. Its strong antibacterial, antioxidant, prebiotic properties?sooth pain and throat soreness, eliminate free radicals, and keep skin and digestive system healthy.
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