Huile Du N’Or Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive Oil 250ml

13,500 LBP

Produced from the finest groves in the Mediterranean, our extra virgin oil originates from
Bchaaleh, a village in the heart of the North. The oldest and highest in altitude olive
trees found in this land yield an unparalleled single variety of oil. It is the result of an
early harvest, and handpicked Sourani olives, perfectly pressed within 24 hours without
any exposure to air, light, heat or chemicals.
Selected for its purity, this oil is authentic, tasty and loaded with nutrients. A fresh green
juice punctuated with golden reflections works beautifully on all your dishes salads,
pasta, and spreads. Delicate yet rich in flavor, this bottle is the perfect all-purpose
addition to your pantry.
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