Cocomi Coconut Spread 230g

10,500 LBP

Coconut Pureed to a simply smooth & spreadable butter. Our dairy free coconut spread blends the healthy goodness of Sri Lankan coconuts with luxurious chocolate and nuts, with no pal oil or refines sugars* and 40% less sugar than your leading chocolate spread*

Raw, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate and Hazelnut, white Chocolate & Cashew

No Dairy; No Additives; No Preservatives
Free from palm oil
Source of fibre
No refined sugars
*40% less sugar than leading brands
Suitable for vegans
*Nutella reference

About Cocomi:

Located at the heart of the Coconut Triangle, the family behind the Cocomi brand have been practicing organic farming for generations and were the first exporter of organic certified products from Sri Lanka.

They are the only organic Sri Lankan coconut brand that grows their own coconuts and manufactures their own products. This gives them control over quality at every stage of production, direct traceability from farm to shelf and the consumer peace of mind.

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Out of stock

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