Le Duc Des Oliviers Orange Blossom Water 500ml

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Known for its purity of taste and tantalising smell, orange blossom water charms the senses. Produced by distilling the sweetest blossoms of the orange tree, the petals release a stimulating perfume that is both sweet and tangy. Widely used in Lebanese pastries, orange blossom water will deliciously enhance the flavour of your desserts and drinks.
Prepared according to a traditional recipe, the Terroirs du Liban orange blossom water brings a little of the Mediterranean orchard to your kitchen.
Did you know?
Orange blossom water is widely used for its calming benefits:
• Diluted in a bit of hot water before bedtime, this hydrosol will encourage sleepiness and calm while relieving your chronic fatigue. It can be vaporized in small quantities on your pillow for a relaxed night’s sleep.
• Drunk as an infusion, orange blossom water is perfect to treat small stomach aches in adults and children. It also helps you relax. Just add two tablespoons of orange blossom water in hot water.
• To calm your baby, just add a couple of drops in his/her bottle.
Ingredients: Pure distillation of orange blossom petals. 500ml

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