Chateau Trois Collines Organic Chardonnay White Wine 2021

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Aïn Bourdaï, Baalbeck Region, North Bekaa Hills at the Western Slopes of the Anti-Lebanon… Altitude 1500m (On average!) which slows maturity and optimizes the sugar / acidity balance… Major exposure South –Ouest; Soil shallow in the rocky spots, calcareous (lime stone), pebbles and clay in some plots! Isolated terroir which favours the organic feature, being very distant from other vine cultures (low contamination with parasites and diseases)! Slopes, steep, preserved as is, favouring natural drainage and the poor structure in surface, forcing the roots to search deep layers for minerals, helping increase the freshness, maintain the wines colours, aromas development and vines hygiene…

1- Grapes: Varietals…
100% Chardonnay (from 2.000 vines)
For a total quantity of 15.000 bottles…
2- Winemaking
Low temperature press; Clear must racking, 8 Month barrel (French Oak) fermented, and aged at cellar temperatures 15 ˚C to 17˚C, “batonnage” regular stirrings and lees contact. cold & static settling of … Total malo-lactic fermentation completed in , tartric precipitation, mild filtration and stabilisation, very low sulphur content… A subtle blend of two making batches: tank aged vs barrel aged to give a thicker body and liveliness!
3- Tasting Notes (Jan. 2023)
Robe Shining yellow to gold robe.
Nose Intense white fruits with flowery hints,
Palate Full bodied white, straight forward with mild oaky notes, almost inconspicuous! An elegant Chardonnay
4- Serving Temperature & Hints…
9 to 11˚C to present better its acidity and body structure. Big occasions white, From aperitif to first and main courses
5- Decanting
Recommended for some 20 min. very common for the white aged wines but not often applied! This will enhance greatly the aromas and round the acidity.
6- Food Pairing
Grilled fish & sea food, white meat (poultry) in mushroom white peppery sauce…
7- Aging Potential
Good evolution in bottle allows a garde up to 5 years in cellar, to witness a greater and greater whites from the Bekaa Hills!

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